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Flowing towards our future

 We would like to invite you to experience a new audio-immersive tour in Meanwood Park!

A group of Theatre and Performance students from the University of Leeds (in collaboration with XR Leeds) have created an audio walk, set within the Meanwood Valley Trail, exploring our relationship to the environment and potential future. The walk encompasses audio, text and visual material and is available for you to experience at your own pace – please remember to download the app and content (instructions below) when you have access to the internet and bring your headphones for the best experience. 

Without giving too much away … the performance presents two possible futures: 
1. Where we take the action needed to end the climate crisis,
and the other) Where we don’t.

We have piloted the experience in 2021 and can confirm it’s an amazing tour and could be a great tool for opening conversations and changing people’s mindsets towards the Climate Crisis.

The walk begins at the car park of the Three Cottages Café at LS6 4LT. 

flowing towards our future poster

Meanwood Park is a fantastic location with beautiful scenery and is accessible by public transport and car. In line with the performance, we would encourage audiences to take public transport, walk or cycle if possible!

To experience the performance, you will need to download the Immersive Tours App (currently only available on IOS):

trailer thumbnail

View the trailer here:


  • To experience Flowing Towards our Future, please go to the App Store on your device and search for the Immersive Tours app (alternatively, use the link provided above).
  • Having downloaded the Immersive Tours app, please open the app and search for “Flowing Towards our Future”.
  • Once you have found the tour, you should have the option to download it, please do so.
  • After downloading, the tour should be available to play.

And follow our social media pages for more information and content.

I hope you will give the tour an experience and I’d love to know what you think of it!

p.s If you get any issues with the app crashing, try uninstalling and re-downloading the app from the Apple app store. (That worked for us!).